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Friday, June 28, 2024 (Ashley)

Posted on by Josh Heppner 0 comments
This past week our church hosted its annual summer program of VBS (Vacation Bible School). For five whole nights, the church was filled with 180 kids who came to “take a jungle cruise” while learning about Jesus and have lots of fun! 🦍🌴🌺This was my husband, Ben, and I’s fourth year participating as Game Leaders, and months in advance, we prepared themed games, supplies, volunteers, and game spaces. When it was finally time for the kick-off on Sunday night, we were excited and ready for an enjoyable week!

The beginning of each night for VBS games was a fresh start and some shifts had to be made in both our emotions and our follow-throughs 👇

Night 1 – This is great! What a blessing to see so many young followers of Christ! A couple of them seemed to have a hard time listening and following directions but it’s probably just because they are having so much fun during the games we worked so hard to prepare for them!

Night 2 – Yay, they are back again! A few warnings had to be given but they were probably just so happy to be here. I’m sure they’ll respond and listen better tomorrow!

Night 3 – Here they come! They all know the drill by now and I’m certain we won’t have any issues tonight… 🥴Let’s rearrange some of the distractions, separate some of the kids, and enforce some stronger guidelines, that will get them in line for sure!

Night 4 – Alright, that’s it. Their disobedience now calls for consequences for the safety of themselves and the safety of the other kids. I’m tired and ready for this to be over.

Night 5 – It’s the last night already? They surely aren’t leaving perfect but wow, look at the growth from night one. I’m already looking forward to games next year 💚

Does that remind you of anything? If you’re anything like me, it looks a lot like our faith journey, doesn’t it? God created the world with the greatest of intentions. He had planned and prepared. He was excited for us to “play the games” with Him and witness us enjoy his labor of love. But we also fall short and when we do, he too gives us grace, warnings, expectations, consequences, and love.

Much like the kids, we’re never going to reach the level of perfection. There is no finish line to our salvation. But just like the start of each night at VBS, I believe that every day is a fresh start from the Lord! I picture him excited and ready to watch us learn from our mistakes and do better than we did yesterday. And unlike me on day 4, God never gets tired of being our ultimate leader in life and wonders when it will end.

He knows the end from the beginning, is with you every step of the way, and is excited you’re back again!

Enjoy what he has prepared for you today!


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