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Friday, May 31, 2024 (Ashley)

Posted on by Josh Heppner 0 comments
Have you ever been in a place in your life where you just feel stuck? Nothing is moving forward and you sure as heck can’t go backwards. As my niece would say, you feel as though, “you’re stuck like a duck with no luck!” 🦆 I have no idea where she ever heard that saying but it will stick with me forever 🥰

Open-heartedly, I’m sitting in that space right now. My husband and I have been in a place of waiting for many months now. The Lord continues to bless us with life's treasures that truly matter but the weights of the world are getting heavier and heavier. Honestly, it can feel discouraging at times and the last thing I FEEL like doing is turning my attitude upside down and going to Jesus. But I have realized that this is when I need to RUN to him the most.

My flesh wants me to sit in my despair, disappointment, worry, and fears. But my spirit, the Holy Spirit that lives inside of me, wants me to fight! Fight to resist the self-doubt and fear of the future! Fight to look for the many blessings that arise each and every single day! Fight to trust that the Lord is working ALL THINGS together for our good 🙌🏻

I’ll be honest, my spirit doesn’t always win the battle against my flesh. Unfortunately, I have a lot of experience sitting with both attitudes. But the flip side to that is I also have proof. Real-life examples of what happens when I dwell in my flesh versus when I delight in the spirit!

When I dwell in my flesh, you can find me teary-eyed and defeated… Melancholy and negative… short and unappreciative. But when I delight in the spirit, I am energized and hopeful… Cheerful and positive… walking with the Lord with an abundance of appreciation.

And do you know what else happens when the Holy Spirit gets a hold of my heart attitude? My circumstances stay the same but my heart attitude completely transforms not only my day but my family's day as well! A few years ago I was introduced to the idea that the woman's mood sets the tone for the entire household and I am a firm believer of this 💗 It’s an encouragement I cling to as a reminder to myself!

👉🏻I have a God-ordained jurisdiction over my family and I refuse to allow the enemy, worldy concerns, or my own sinful flesh to negatively alter and affect the purpose God has in placing me in this current circumstance!!!👈🏻

Maybe you find yourself feeling stuck like a duck with no luck as well 🦆But I want to encourage you to rewrite that last sentence and post it somewhere where you can be reminded to delight in the Holy Spirit versus dwell in your own flesh.

This world can beat us down but never forget, you have a powerful weapon that cannot be defeated, the Holy Spirit! The Holy Spirit is REAL, it lives inside of you, and will lead you through any trial, situation, or tough circumstance.

Friend, RUN to Jesus!


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