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Thursday, April 18, 2024 (Rachel)

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Good Morning, Everyone!!

On my way home last night, I heard Katy Nichole's song "Hold On" in a completely new light.

This Christian artist was navigating a very challenging season and felt the Lord whisper, "Hold on."

Those lyrics really hit me last night for some reason.

So, if you're facing a tough season, I'm here this morning to echo those words to you: Hold on!🩷

“Smoke clouds
All around
Couldn't see Your face
Darkness consumed me
Stuck in the bitterness
But I know there's a light
That's waiting up ahead
So I'll stay in the fight
And look to the One who said
Hold on just a little bit longer
I know it's gonna be okay
These days are gonna make you stronger
You'll find purpose in the pain
Hold on just a little bit longer
Deep down there's a well of faith
Let hope arise as you're lifting up My name
And just hold on
Just hold on, hold on”

Rereading those lyrics make me so tearful, there's so much truth packed in there!

And I want to emphasize, You aren't alone. If you're in need of a soft place to land, please reach out. We genuinely care and are here to help. 🩷 I pray your day is the best!!

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Better Together
Love, Rachel


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