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Thursday, April 4, 2024 (Rachel)

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Good morning, Ladies! ☀️ ⛅

This morning, I'd like to reflect on the importance of trust, a word that was tested during our time in Texas.

During a barrel race, an unexpected storm threatened our plans. Initially, the decision to cancel due to the storm seemed crazy to us, given our experience riding in rain back in Minnesota.

However, as they say, everything is bigger in Texas, this includes storms!😳

As we began to pack up, the storm really hit. Tornado warnings blared on the radio, sirens sounded in the nearby town, and we found ourselves in the middle of nowhere with four horses, our trailer, and truck!

Fear and panic hit a whole new height for all of us! Josh continued white-knuckling the situation, until we eventually reached an overpass where he decided to park.

At that moment, I had doubts about whether or not we were going to make it. I tried to stay calm for the girls, who were so emotional, until Josh spoke the most reassuring words: "Trust me, Girls! We’re okay here."

Witnessing my girls find peace under Josh's guidance and presence really hit me! They trusted him because they knew him well, had seen him come through before, and knew his character.

This entire experience is so similar to our journey with our Heavenly Father. Just like my girls trust their father more with time and closeness, our trust in God deepens as we build a relationship with Him.

As we navigate our own storms this morning, may we be reminded of God's call to trust Him completely. While hearing God's audible voice would be comforting, I know that trusting Him, just as my girls trusted Josh in the storm, brings assurance.

So today, I extend this comforting assurance and voice to you and your situation,

Insert your name____, Trust me! You’re okay. I’m right beside you, 🩷 Your Heavenly Father.

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Love, Rachel


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