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Tuesday, January 2, 2024 (Aminta)

Posted on by Josh Heppner 0 comments
Taking a step of faith.

That’s what one of my breakfast club students is doing this week. He graduated last spring and today he leaves for a trip with Youth With A Mission, or YWAM. Braeden will receive training in Hawaii and then head to Asia for missions work.

It’s a huge adventure, exciting and scary. He will be on his own for the first time.

We had the honor of going to his house this weekend to pray for him before he left. We gathered with loved ones and surrounded him. Everyone took turns asking God to protect and bless his time. It was beautiful.

The last few weeks I have been praying often for Braeden, and in my quiet time, God gave me a very specific verse to pray over him.

Psalm 118:14
“The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory.”

What a beautiful promise! As I researched that Psalm, which they believe was written by King David, I found that he was quoting part of the song Moses and the Israelites sang after God parted the Red Sea and rescued them from their enemies in Exodus 15:2. It’s also part of the prophecy in Isaiah 12:2.

Today, it’s a reminder that God can do the impossible.
It’s the assurance we seek that he provides all we need for whatever he calls us to do!

He is our strength: the source of all the resources we need.
He is our song: the source of our joy and our purpose.

He makes a way where there is no way!
He is faithful and he never fails.

Sweet Friend,
No matter what step of faith God is asking you to take this year, he is all you need. He will provide from his glorious, unlimited resources and he will not fail you.

He is your strength and your song.
Victory is yours.

If he asked you to do it, he will bring you through. No matter what!

In 2024, I’m cheering for you to take a step of faith. God will provide and good things await!

We are better together.


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