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Wednesday, January 10, 2024 (Paula)

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Happy Wednesday, friends!

This past weekend my husband and I were out on the trails on our acreage near our cabin. There was an “all call” to action by my husband, “Mr Weekend Warrior”. 🙄😑

“Grab the chain saw, hook up the wood splitter, we’ve got work to do.”

You see, late this fall, there was a HUGE oak tree that came down and crash-landed itself right across one of our main trails.
(I wish I would’ve taken a picture  b e f o r e  we started… it was epic!)

This tree and its branches were massive. The mess looked so overwhelming, I thought about retreating before we even got started! 😳

But this tree and this mess needed clearing. It was certainly blocking the way to what was ahead. This is a major “highway“ for Farmer Tom, the neighbor, who leases some of our farmland and needs this path to get to the fields next spring. It needs to be dealt with because it’s our family and friends ATV/hiking/and ski trail!

Do you have something that’s blocking your way from moving forward? From growing? A recurring issue that if you were 100% honest with yourself- you know needs attention/healing/or work?

I DO!!!! 🙋🏼‍♀️

This whole scenario reminded me of some other “hard work“ that I’m doing this year. There exists a big, emotional/spiritual obstacle that is very personal to me. It’s in the way of my growth, and I have found that for far too long, I keep coming to it and stepping back, afraid of the mess, the overwhelm, and the work that it’s going to take to break through it.

But this year in 2024,  God has invited me to attend to it head on- on a daily basis.  So as I was cutting branches, shoving brush, splitting logs, bending and picking up chunks and stumps… I was thinking and praying about my current heart project. I pick away, praying, journaling, processing, counseling, and setting goals. 
And just like that tree in the way of the trail moving forward, I’m tempted to want it gone with a snap of a finger!!!  Gone yesterday, please Lord! I know I serve a God that could fix and heal in an instant, but He has invited me into a sanctifying process to deal with one branch, one cut, one log at a time.

It’s the process that brings us the healing. Discovering truth, learning to trust, depending on His tools and timing… that’s how it’s happening. I’m only 10 days in to the new year, but I see His faithfulness already. I have a LONG way to go though.

Perhaps you are facing a mighty mess as well. I am clinging to this verse, as I work on my holy habits!
I want to share it with you too!


I’m asking God to show me and you the next best step to take today!  Small steps are ok!

Maybe you need to just begin…or begin again.

“ I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”
Phil 4:13

Thank you for allowing me to share.

Better Together,


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