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Friday, June 14, 2024 (Ashley)

Posted on by Josh Heppner 0 comments
Summer is here!!! It’s always such a treat, isn’t it? ☀️But honestly, some years have me holding out for the fun-sun season even more deeply than others and this is one of those years! I just NEED the simple joys of summer in my life right now and I’m thankful they’re here!

Morning walks, without being bundled from my head to my toes. Slow mornings of homeschool and work with the morning breeze blowing through the windows along with the sound of chirping birds. Lunches on the go, time in the garden, hours on the mower, and evenings sitting alongside my husband watching kids play in the yard… this is what life is made of if you ask me 💜

So why is it, at the same time that I enjoy all of these simple gifts from God, I simultaneously struggle with the sinful nature of my flesh? 😔

•The fears of the what if’s.

•The saddnees towards a loved one who continues to disappoint me.

•The frustration of how some things can seem so unfair.

•The pride that walks hand in hand with that.

I’m embarrassed to admit but the list goes on and on! And truthfully, I believe the enemy wants me to stay stuck there!

I mean… how can I call myself a trusting Christian when deep down, I am worried about what’s going to happen?

How can I say my heart is joyful when deep down, I am hurt?

How can I call myself humble when deep down I am jealous?

How can I call myself loving when deep down, I’m not rooting for a person I should be?

The answer to every singe one of those is Jesus! Every day, every hour, every minute… the answer is Jesus! He allows me to celebrate every single day without feeling like a complete fraud because I can go to Him.

Friends, I don’t have to keep my heart a secret from God… and neither do you! He knows every single detail of our deepest secrets and desires and the comforting part is, he loves us anyways! And regardless of what he knows, he is still making all things work together for our GOOD!

What a merciful, loving, and understanding God we serve! 🙌🏻

So if you find yourself like me, filled to the brim with gratitude while trusting in the the Lord, yet  at the same time, ashamed that the opposite is also true – know that God is holding YOU in his almighty hands.

Not the you that you put on when you go to work, church, or gather with friends. Not even the real you that you show to your family. I’m talking about the total true and authentic YOU that he created to do amazing things!

Girl, YOU are fully cherished and loved by the one true King – Go live like it!


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