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Friday, March 29, 2024 (Ashley)

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Three – Two – One – GO! The hunt was on and our seven-year-old was looking for every egg she could find! She searched in every area of the church, high and low, long and hard. By the end, our sweet girl had a basket full of eggs to show for her efforts in the great 2024 Easter egg hunt 🐣

A couple of days later, our morning devotional, Roar Like A Lion by Levi Lusko presented a beautiful opportunity to connect the dots. The devo was inspired by Acts 20:23, “The Holy Spirit warns me.”

Here is a small portion of what the devo read👇🏻“The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God who comes to live inside you when you decide to follow Jesus. He teaches, guides, and helps you remember God’s Word. And he warns you of danger. His warning probably won’t be big and blaring like a fire alarm. Instead, He might pop a verse into your thoughts to remind you to do what’s right. He might use a friend to warn you about not doing something or going somewhere. Or He might “nudge” your heart to tell you something isn’t right. But the Holy Spirit never, ever disagrees with God’s Word. So watch and listen for His warnings, and let Him help you stay away from danger.”

I explained to my daughter that hunting for eggs is a lot like hunting for the Holy Spirit in our lives. Throughout every day, the Holy Spirit is working in numerous ways to teach, guide, and help us remember God’s Word. Just like eggs were hiding in plain sight, the Holy Spirit is always at work. But if we’re not paying attention, we can miss the cues the Holy Spirit is giving us. We too, need to search every area, high and low, long and hard to fill our hearts (not our baskets) with guidance from the Lord (not eggs).

It’s only been in the last few years that I have started to lean more on the Holy Spirit in my life. It’s almost as if I knew the Holy Spirit was part of the story but didn’t believe it pertained to MY life. Certainly, women who were much more Christian than I, had the Holy Spirit working in their lives but me? Not so much. Isn’t that only for really, really Holy people?! 😇

That was a lie the enemy wanted me to keep believing and wants you to as well. But it is just that, a lie. The truth is that we each hold the power of Jesus in US and should be on the hunt for the Holy Spirit in our lives every day!

I couldn’t help but wonder how differently my life would have looked if I had started Holy Spirit hunting as a seven-year-old. Pursuing the Holy Spirit in my life these days looks like knowing the difference between anxiety and conviction. It looks like doing what’s right versus doing what I want. It means stepping out when I want to hide away. The Holy Spirit always longed to guide me in these ways but I wasn’t even searching.
What about you?

Three – Two – One – GO!
The hunt is on, fill those baskets ✝️


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