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Monday, July 8, 2024 (Mary Ann)

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Who are you?

“Then the disciple Jesus loved said to Peter, ‘It’s the Lord!’” John 21:7

Okay, fess up. At least once or twice, who among us hasn’t wondered what was up with John always referring to himself as the disciple Jesus loved. Just a bit prideful, don’tcha think, dear John? Certainly not Scandinavian or even Minnesotan!

Well I don’t think John was bragging; I believe he was simply blown away by the fact that Jesus actually loved HIM. Not less than the others. Not more than the others. After all, it’s impossible for God to love anyone less than 100%. And it’s equally impossible for him to love anyone more than he already does. Because GOD. IS. LOVE. It is his nature.

Think of the parable of the lost sheep in Luke 16. Ninety-nine sheep are safely penned up but one had wandered away. The good shepherd leaves the 99, goes off in search of that one and rejoices when he finds it. Because that was his pet sheep and he loved it more than all the others? No. Because he knew 99 were home and safe but the one that needed him was lost.

I’m thinking John viewed himself as that lost sheep.

As John Piper puts it: “Perhaps this is John’s way of saying, ‘My most important identity is not my name but my being loved by Jesus, the Son of God.’ He’s not trying to rob anybody else of this privilege; he is simply exulting in it: ‘I’m loved, I’m loved, I’m loved — that’s who I am. I’m loved by Jesus.’”

I feel lost-sheepish. Maybe you too? So dear Sisters, because now we’re found, not lost, let’s go ahead and exult in our true, eternal identity. Say it with me: “Hi, good to meet you. I am the one Jesus loves!”


Mary Ann


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