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Thursday, February 29, 2024 (Rachel)

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Good Morning, Ladies! ⛅

Today's post is a shorter one, but I hope it leaves a lasting impression on your day!

Are you familiar with Ben Fuller's song "Who I Am"? It has become my anthem, especially the chorus: "It's who I am (I'm a child of the most-high God, and the most-high God is for me)."

Even as I type this, I get tearful; it's such a powerful declaration! 🥲❤️

What brings me real peace, especially during some recent tough weeks, is knowing "the most high God is for me." We're on the same team! I have the mightiest, strongest, sovereign warrior in my corner, handling all my battles. Every worry, fear, doubt, and trouble is taken on by the most high God, and you know what? He always wins!

So, whatever situation you're in this morning, there's good news – you're not fighting alone! Embrace your day with confidence, knowing that the most high God is on your side, bringing victory in every circumstance!

Now let's play it on repeat in our minds: "I'm a child of the most-high God, and the most-high God is for me" ❤️

We are truly better together! Thank you, Jesus, for allowing us to be on your team. Your love and support make us stronger each day! We love you soo much!!!🥹🥰

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Better Together
Love, Rachel


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