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Wednesday, February 28, 2024 (Paula)

Posted on by Josh Heppner 0 comments
This verse from Colossians holds ME together when I am reminded that in Him all things hold together!

I presently have a senior in college, a sophomore in college, and a senior in high school. These are big impact years, a lot is at stake, and this season is filled with a lot of unknowns for these young adult children of ours!

I’m tempted to drift into the worry ditch if I’m not intentional about rehearsing Truth to myself.

The surrender of control has been a difficult lifelong lesson for me. As a young mom and wife, my tendency was to white-knuckle it through life.  My individual willpower and determination was my process of powering through situations that I found anxiety producing. Sure, I would throw up a prayer every once in awhile, but it was never my first action. The lie I believed was thinking that only thing keeping me and my people safe and successful was how tight my squeeze was on the bar.

I was white knuckled a lot. 🥴

I’m here to say that the Lord has patiently worked on me. I had to learn that white knuckling mentality was all pain and no gain. No matter how tight I gripped the metal bar, it would not affect the safety of the ride, nor the destination. 

Surrender is different than giving up. It’s a decision to take the hands off the wheel and look to the One who holds all things together… who will steer me and loved ones through the way of transformation by way of trust and obedience. He holds families, marriages, children, jobs, futures, friends, health, illness management, finances, and outcomes together, like the director of a symphony🎶

Instead of fixating on every question mark, I’m learning to fix my eyes on the one who holds all things together. It sounds simple, but it’s been a real die-to-self process for me!

Sister, if you find yourself white knuckling it today, consider the freedom in letting go - in giving God your day and the outcome. I’m not saying lay down and give up. Quite the opposite. Stay on your toes as you trust and obey, leaving outcomes in His hands.

He A L O N E is trustworthy.
He holds all things together!

Praying for my white knuckled friends today!


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