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Thursday, May 16, 2024 (Rachel)

Posted on by Josh Heppner 0 comments
Good morning!

I hope this post fills you with a sense of possibility and hope. I want to share a story about our daughter, Cora, who recently had a breakthrough with her new horse.

Cora has been riding for four years, starting with a little pony. For the longest time, she was afraid to try jump. We always encouraged her, saying she could just walk over the jump until she felt ready.

Fast forward to this year, Cora is riding a 15-hand horse and decided to give jump a try. Although she was still nervous and unsure, she went for it (in her jammies😍).

Just before she went, Josh shared these words with Cora and I’d like to echo them to you,

“A lot of time our dreams are on the other side of our biggest fears.”

Cora didn’t think she could do it, but with Josh’s constant belief in her, she found the courage to try. Now, jumping is something she loves.

Les Brown beautifully said, "Sometimes you gotta believe in other’s belief in you until your own kicks in."

Isn’t that so true? 🥹

This really hit me because there have been many times in my life when this has been true. The power of support and encouragement from those around us is so valuable!!

So this morning, I want to ask you, What fears are holding you back? Remember, sometimes it takes someone else’s belief in us to spark our own confidence and push us forward!!

I BELIEVE IN YOU! You got this😘

If you need prayer or a soft place to land, please message me! I care about you!!❤️

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Love, Rachel


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