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Wednesday, January 24, 2024 (Paula)

Posted on by Josh Heppner 0 comments
Yesterday was a full and busy day and by the time my head hit the pillow I was o-u-t! 😴 I had a list a mile long and wanted to do absolutely everything on it… but that didn’t happen. And once again, my alarm went off at 5am this morning. I rolled out of bed and onto my knees, asking God to direct my steps… including those I would soon take to my Keurig! ☕️As I brushed my teeth, I contemplated the notion that strikes me anew… we sleep a third of our lives!

Just think of it: 1/3 of our lives spent like bumps on a log!!

I mean, we could be a lot more productive if we didn’t have to shut down, curl up and lay like a sack of potatoes for 7-8 hours every single day!

God, Our Almighty Sovereign, NEVER sleeps! Why did He think up the idea of sleep and create us to need it so regularly?🧐

Psalm 127:2 states, “It is in vain, that you rise up early, and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for God gives to his beloved in their sleep.”

According to scripture, sleep is a gift of love from God — a gift often rejected by our anxious toil! We have a chronic “disease” to think sleep is not that necessary and our work is indispensable and we are in control!

Does God send us to bed once a day to cure us of this chronic tendency to think it’s all on us? Do we hustle, worry, strive, struggle, stress, compete, and think we are SOVERIGN over all the details of our life?

How humbling to think that the movers and shakers like Elon Musk, Kings/Queens/Presidents of countries, self-made corporate executives, all have to give up control and become as limp as drooling old dogs every night.

Sleep is a daily reminder that serves like a broken record reminder from God: You are not sovereign, I am. You are not sovereign, I am. You are not sovereign, I am.

He loves us. He wants us to trust him. God handles the world quite nicely as half its hemisphere sleeps every day. God wants to be trusted as the God he is— a Mighty Worker and Faithful Provider who never tires and never sleeps!

He does not want his children anxiously and endlessly toiling from early morning to late night —rather, God wants us in a place of peaceful trust that casts all anxieties on him …and sleeps.

Whether you are just waking up and getting going, laying your head down to bed, or anywhere in between, know that He’s got you today, Sister!

“HE who keeps Israel will neither slumber nor sleep” Psalm 121:4

Make it a great day.



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