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Wednesday, March 27, 2024 (Paula)

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One of my group exercise instructors at the Y is always reminding us about how important a strong core is.

“Engage your core,” she says on repeat throughout each class.

She’s talking about being mindful of the muscles that support the center from which all movements originate.

A healthy core helps us with balance, stabilization, and strength to enable movement, posture, injury prevention. It is especially important to “tuck your tail and zip up your abs” when we are weak or in pain.

Everything centers on our core or hinges from it. It makes sense to give it conscious attention.

And today’s post is about attending to the CORE of our faith as Christians.

It’s Easter week!

What we celebrate at Easter, the resurrection of Jesus, is the ♥️ and the very CORE of the Christian message.

To be sure, the proclamation of the gospels is centered on the cross, but the meaning of the cross is at best, unclear without the resurrection.

The cross and the resurrection are a match made in heaven.

Why should we “engage our core” spiritually?

Why does the resurrection matter so much?

Why do we proclaim Jesus rose from the grave and why do we proclaim over and over again:

 “Hallelujah! He has risen! He has risen indeed!”

The devil thought his handle on spiritual death and his weapon of fear was the final word.

He was wrong.

Jesus destroyed the weapon of mass destruction (the curse of sin + death) by paying the price for our sins on the cross…
but in conquering the grave, he not only conquered sin, but death itself!

That is the most powerful, most triumphant victory EVER!

Read this truth in Romans:

“And if the spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead, is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead, will also give life to your mortal bodies, through his spirit, who lives in you.“ Rom 8:11

The same spirit that raised Jesus from the dead lives in you! Think about that!

Engage that spiritual truth into your CORE!!! Tuck it, zip it.

If that doesn’t make you live different today, I don’t know what can!

If we have truly accepted Christ as Savior and believed in our hearts and confess with our mouths that he is the risen son of God, we have the power of the Holy Spirit in our CORE that stabilizes us to be disciples.

It enables us to trust and obey- to have the strength to stand strong.

It empowers us to move and reach out beyond our comfort zones with intention and the love of Christ.

The resurrected power of Jesus causes us to move, live, and love differently.

Because of the Holy Spirit, we can live fully alive. There is nothing to fear.

Our Jesus is trustworthy. We can walk our faith in confidence.

Let’s engage our CORE and focus on the power of our resurrected life in Christ in all we do today!

Better Together,


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